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Game Recap:ChicagoLadySteam-Columbus

Game Recap:ChicagoLadySteam-Columbus

Powered by Palacios,Lady Steam narrowly defeat Columbus 73-68

In his coaching debut for Lady Steam, Antonio D'Albero had to sweat it out to the very end with his team slipping by Columbus 73-68.

It was a close contest throughout the entire 40 minutes of the game. 

In the first half, the Lady Steam was led on offense by the stellar plays of Shante Clark while Keshia Richardson made it extremely difficult for Columbus to generate any type of offensive tempo.

The Lady Steam went into the locker rooms at half-time tied with Columbus 30-30.

However, Lady Steam's newest addition of the team, Florencia Palacios, came alive to create problems for Columbus's defense throughout the entire second half of the game.

Palacios led the team in scoring with 20 points.  It was appeared she was making every shot as she would finish the game making 8 of her 11 shots.

Nikkilettte Wright and Elexis Jackson were productive on both sides of the ball.  They were the main contributors of orchestrating the development of the plays on offense and they aided in clamping down their teams defense in the closing minutes of the game to keep Columbus at bay.

The team of the Windy City played an entire game of intensity and passion to give them the final edge over Columbus.  

Coach d'Albero's preparation and hard-work in practice during the week reflected through his players throughout the game with his team playing hard-nosed defense while being electric when playing on offense.

D'Albero lauding his players execution and performance in his game as Lady Steam's head-coach. "It was a hard game, but I saw very good things from my team.  We are a work in progress and I am sure we will improve day by day,"