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  • Titans – H.Mess = -47 – 53 (33-33)

Titans – H.Mess = -47 – 53 (33-33)

Titans – H.Mess = -47 – 53 (33-33)

The Titans  did everything they could to pull a win off a win this week, but the Titans were defeated by H.Mess in a close contest of 53-47.

D'Albero saw his team to lose the opportunity to compile a three game winning streak, but the injury bug plagued the Titans squad.  Tina Thompson and Nikkilette Wright were unable to play in the game due to lingering injuries they encountered last week.  However they added former New York Liberty and Detroit Shock player Hlede to give them a shot to win this game.

In the first twenty minutes of the game, the Titans kept H.Mess off-balanced with their proficient scoring by surging to a six point lead.  A key three point shot Florencia Palacios and the orchestration on the offense by Hledge provided an early advantage for the Titans.  At half, the score was all squared up 33-33.

In the second half, both teams exchanged blows as they exchanged baskets on a constant basis.  Hledge was an assist machine  while developing key baskets for the Titans.  The Titans were powered by the great shot selection by Simon and Palacios forcing defensive turnovers.

However, H.Mess hit several three pointers in the closing minutes of the game to pull away from the Titans.
Ryan Neiman