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Titans - Hustler= 51-44

Titans - Hustler= 51-44

The Titans won in a thrilling fashion against the Hustlers in over-time 51-44.  

Before the game began, the Titans entire squad was determined to make amends for their previously narrow defeat.  They wanted to go out on the court and to prove their last lost was a fluke.

The Titans of coach Antonio d'Albero came out to fight which was very apparent by their strong efforts in the first half lead by a balanced attack.  The first half, the Titans and the Hustlers exchanged baskets, as both teams never let the other get an advantage over them.  However, it was the Hustlers who were able to enter the locker room at half with a slim lead of 27-25.

At the start of the second half, the Hustlers came out red hot as they grew their lead over the Titans to seven.  

However, the Titans clawed their way back by sinking virtually every basket, nice shoots of Silmon, and playing stellar defense.  Florencia Palacios led the comeback with her offense and her defensive pressure.

The Titans were able to tie the game after hit two straight three point shoots to tie the game 41-41.

The Hustlers had the ball with twenty seconds to go in the game and the chance for the last shot to win the game, but the Titans defense denied them this chance by clamping down on defense in the final moments of regulaion.

In over-time, the key contributor and spark belonged to Tina Thompson as she scored eight points to power to the Titans to a hard-fought victory.  
Ryan Neiman