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  • Spin - Titans= 69-61 (41-32)

Spin - Titans= 69-61 (41-32)

Spin - Titans= 69-61 (41-32)

The Titans faced their toughest foe of the season as they squared off against a talented Spin basketball team.  Spin proved to be too much for the Titans to overcome as they suffered a  narrow defeat to a final score of 69-61.

Titans held their ground in the first half of the game as their defense allowed them to stay close behind Spin's heels.

However, Spin surged ahead with six consecutive baskets to deflate any momentum Titans had going for them.

In hopes of turning his teams fortune around, coach Antonio D'Albero called a time-out. D'Albero preached to his team about playing great offense, but to clamp down on defense.

The timeout called and message by D'Albero appeared to reach his players as the Titans were able to develop a great offensive tempo and to force turnovers on defense.  

Down by five points, the Titans looked poise to take over the game and eventually the lead.

But, Spin was able to sink key free throws to erase any doubts of them winning the game. (Palacios 15points)
Ryan Neiman