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Meet Our New Head Coach: Antonio D'Albero

Meet Our New Head Coach: Antonio D'Albero

The great city of Chicago is proud and excited to have Antonio D'Albero as our new head coach  of the Lady Steam

D'Albero was signed as the Chicago Lady Steam in the beginning of December.  He was previously the head coach of Napoli and Under 20 Macedonia National Team.  He also had experience as the head coach in the Dameligaen Championship in Denmark.

We sat down with our new head coach to to find out little more about him to help you get a better understanding of who Antonio D'Albero is.

I am a professional basketball coach from Italy.  My experiences include men's women's basketball teams from the top professional divisions to youth teams.  I have around the world.  I was a coach at Denmark, Macdeonia (National Team, European Championship), European camps and summer leagues, and now in the United States coaching the Lady Steam.

Describe your coaching personality:
I am a coach who places a lot intensity and determination who channels it to the court.  I live and sleep basketball.  I live my work 24/7.  I constantly thrive for my best and I convey my message and passion to my players.

What do you expect from your players on the Lady Steam?:
I expect my team to show their full potential in every practice and in every game.  I want my team to have the mentality of "never give up" and to thrive for a winning mind-set.  I understand the Lady Steam is a new and young team, which will provide it's own challenges.  However, I will fully prepare myself and the team to preform their best on a daily basis.

What drives you to coach?
My passion and the love of this sport drives me every single day.  It motivates me to improve my skill-set every minute I am awake.  I want my love for the sport to reflect on my coaching and to rub off on my players, too.  This is not just a job to me.  This is my passion.

Why do you like to coach?
I enjoy to coach because it gives me an emotional high.  It makes me feel great to be on a basketball court, great to feel the adrenaline you feel during the game, and especially during a victory.  I take great pride on influencing player on what I know, too.  I love to make my athletes work hard for the extra mile and to sweat, but on the contrary, I want to see my players be happy while playing basketball.  Most importantly, I want to gain the trust of my team.

What do you like to do on your free time?:
I love the city of Chicago.  In between practices and games, I like to walk around the beautiful sky-line and having a nice, warm coffee at the Millennium Park.  I love to eat buffalo wings.  Downtown is such an unique and different experience.  There is always something new in the city.  When I can, I want to go to the United Center to cheer on the Bulls!

List some of your hobbies:
My hobby is basically my job.  I enjoy to watch Italian soccer and my favorite team is Napoli.  I try to always watch all of their games.  I hope they win the championship.  My loved ones and family are part of my hobbies as I try to keep with contact with them everyday in Italy.

Favorite Restaurant in Chicago:
Cheesecake Factory.  But there are so many to choose from. (Laughter)