Los Leones and New Crusaders at the top in the north Group while CD Castro lead the South Group

Los Leones and New Crusaders at the top in the north Group while CD Castro lead the South Group


The recent weekend concluded the first part of the league tournament Women's National Basketball Movistar and the North Central group both teams shared the first position in the table, recording four wins and a fall. The defending champions Collegio Los Leones of Quilpu and neighboring New Crusaders command the area followed closely by Boston College and Sergio Ceppi.

Meanwhile, the South group completed its first round with the clear supremacy of female quintet CD Castro, has garnered only positive in their five presentations and 377 goals scored so far this tournament will rise as one of the best offenses in the contest ; down in the ranking are the Austral Univesidad with only one defeat and Puerto Varas with two losses they are doing a good job.

Among the best players in this first phase are certainly mentioned in the section north of the strong Argentine with Italian passport Florencia Palacios top scorer of her group along with the great support of the Chilean national Paola Naranjo, both of Los Leones; while are noting also the newly arrived captain of the Argentine national team Carolina Sanchez that is paired with the Chilean Javiera Novion strengths of the New Crusaders, to point out the great Spanish director of the Boston College Lidia Mirchandani. In Group south to report the player Melisa Cejas of the team CD Castro first in the standings chased from the Universidad Austral of the good scorer Tatiana Gomez.

The Women's League in its category Adult classified at the end of the regular season the top two in each area, who then play a crossover playoffs three games, the winners will meet for the final of the best of 5 duels.