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  • Liga Movistar Chile:The last Round named the finalists who will play the playoff 2013

Liga Movistar Chile:The last Round named the finalists who will play the playoff 2013

Liga Movistar Chile:The last Round named the finalists who will play the playoff 2013


The north group it was been played in a very competitive level, the two finalists came out only in the last round. It was a fight between 4 very good teams Los Leones Quilpe the last champion, C.D. New Crusaders, C.D. Boston College and Club Sergio Ceppi. This group showed great moments during the regular season like the unforgettable victory at the buzzer of Los Leones Quilpe against C.D. Boston College with a magnificient basket ofFlorencia Palacios (183-G/F-85) who probably gave the qualification to the Colegio of Quilpu, or the beautiful game between C.D. Boston College and C.D. New Crusaders, the game in the game between the Spanish point guard Mirchandani and the argentinian Sanchez. Club Sergio Ceppi also showed nice basketball and just a little step down to the big three. At the end obtain the first place the national championship leader Los Leones Quilpe after the victory in the last round against the C.D. New Crusaders 82-62 (Florencia Palacios 22points); the second place is forC.D. Boston College that won against Brisas 70 - 58.

In the south group the qualification for the play off it was already defined before the last round, C.D. Castro did not have many obstacles and succeeded in obtaining the qualification in net ahead of other. The Univesitad C.D. Univ. Austral won the confrontation with Puerto Varas qualifying for the playoffs too. Puerto Varas had a good championship finishing the regular season with a nice victory against the Cd C.D. Castro 58 49.

This season the women chilenian basketball had great basketball not only because the great progress of the local players like Gomez (C.D. Univ. Austral), Ortiz (C.D. New Crusaders), Videla (Los Leones Quilpe) and Carraco (Boston) but also for the new international players, some of them real top players, the top scorer and maybe also the best choice is for the Los Leones Quilpe with Florencia Florencia Palacios top player in many European championships, great regular season also for the Spanish leader of C.D. Boston College Lidia Mirchandani (172-PG-76) former spanish national team, in some games there was also the appearence of the captain of the argentina national team Carolina Sanchez (182-F/C-76) for C.D. New Crusaders and still talking about Argentina beautiful season also for Melisa Cejas(184-F-84) for C.D. Castro in the south group.