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Eurobasket.com: Interview with coach Antonio d'Albero

Eurobasket.com: Interview with coach Antonio d'Albero

Let's meet with the Italian coach Antonio d'Albero, he has a long international experience on his resume.

Q: Coach can present yourself and your career to us in a few words?
A: I am born and raised in Italy and I started my career there. After some years coaching in my country I decided to get the chance to coaching around in Europe and make a great experience not just on the court but also in meeting new countries and new cultures. I signed my first contract out of my country for a club in Denmark and the following years in Sweden, Iceland, Luxembourg, Aruba, USA, and between them a few seasons back in Italy.

Q: If we take a look at your curriculum we find jobs not just with clubs but also with National Teams and participations at FIBA Championships, can tell us more about?
A: Yes, I have been honored to work with federations and in the specific for the national teams of Macedonia, Jamaica, and Aruba. With Macedonia we participated at the European Championship, with Jamaica in Mexico at Centro Basket and with Aruba for the Caribbean Basketball Championship (CBC) games in Guyana. Those experiences were just amazing.

Q: Not just clubs and federations, you are a basketball coach at 360, many events and professional combines in the USA, Pre Draft, Camps, and Clinics, how can you manage yourself with it?
A: I try to be always updated and informed so I use those chances to meet new players, managers, and places. The last event I worked for it has been last summer in Las Vegas for a professional combine during the NBA Summer League, with the same organization I coached for the WNBA Pre Draft combine in Tampa a few years ago. About camps and clinics, it is always my pleasure to transmit my passion to the others that can be a pro player, coach, or a kid. I will never forget one camp I made in Japan where I had more than 300 kids happy to play this amazing game or a coaching clinic in Puerto Rico where I met great coaches that still are good friends and we share constantly information.

Q: Coach, thank you for showing us other sides of this job and we conclude our conversation, of course, to ask you on which bench you will sit next time or it is better to you ask in which country will you bring your love for this game?
A: Thanks! At the moment I am waiting for a new call, the situation in front of us after the Convid-19 is a little bit not clear yet because many counties had a different experience with it. I hope new scenarios will be open soon, I am looking forward to coming back on the court after this forced period far from the gym and our beloved game!

Thanks again Coach and good luck for your next basketball journey!

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