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ChicagoLadySteam Interview with Florencia Palacios

ChicagoLadySteam Interview with Florencia Palacios

Get to Know Your Team: Interview With Lady Steam's Florencia Palacios

She may not be bringing the hot weather from Buenos Aires with her to Chicago, but Florencia Palacios is bringing her blazing hot shooting, hand to the Lady Steam.

After spending her career around the globe playing while winning multiple championships for teams such as for Italy and most recently, Denmark,the 6'0 forward is now embarking on a new chapter of her career with the Chicago Lady Steam.

Her athleticism and her hard-nosed, playing-style was on full display during Lady Steam's first victory of the season over Columbus 73-68.  In her debut, Palacios scored a team high 20 points.

Described by scouts as an all-around basketball player, the addition of Palacios to the Lady Steam provides a dominating presence on the court.

We interviewed Florencia Palacios to discuss her playing career, personal goals, and her opinion about the great city of Chicago.

Outline the highlights of your basketball career:
I started to play very young while in Argentina.  I played for all the the youth teams of the Argentina National Team.  I was along their side in the Sud-American Championship in Columbia and in Ecuador  When I was 17 years old, I left Argentina to play overseas.  I first moved to Italy and then I played in Spain, Denmark, back to Italy on numerous occasions.  Before coming to Chicago, I was in summer leagues around Europe.

What type of player are you:
I can play both forward spots.  I can move very quick to the basket and I pride myself in playing great defense.  I excel at the three-point line and in my jump-shot, too.  My ball-handling skills assist in orchestrating the offense  and it helps me create my own shoot, too.  I love playing the game of basketball, but I am very professional about how I act every time I am on the court.

Main differences between playing in Chicago and overseas:
The basketball in Europe is more technical and tactical than in the United States.  The playing here is more athletic and physical.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago:
I love the cheesecake because it is my favorite type of cake.  I like the eye-popping, tall buildings of the Chicago skyline.  I truly believe Chicago is one best cities I have played in.

Who is the funniest person on the team:
I can't choose one person because all of my teammates are very funny.  They all help me be part of the team.  We have excellent chemistry and we know the real meaning of team-work. The owner, Ron Hicks, has been great, too.

What do you do when you are not playing basketball:
I like to go to the gym and do some individual drills.  I enjoy watching movies and sitting down to read an interesting novel.  Walking down the streets of downtown Chicago is simply amazing because of all the shopping they have.  You can literally spend hours shopping around with the various types of shops.  The Water Tower, for an example,  you could get lost in this place.

What are your personal goals:
My personal goals are to try to do my best in all efforts to win a championship.  I constantly try to improve myself as a player.  And, to try all of the different flavors of Chicago cheesecake.