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  • Basketball coach story in the Windy City: coach Antonio d'Albero

Basketball coach story in the Windy City: coach Antonio d'Albero

Basketball coach story in the Windy City: coach Antonio d'Albero

In city where sports legends thrive, well-renown European basketball coach Antonio D'Albero arrived in Chicago with great aspirations and dreams with the goal of adding on to his impressive resume.  D'Albero hopes the Windy City helps evolve and to heighten his exceptional coaching skills to the next level.

After numerous years of successful stints in Europe including in Italy, Denmark and with the Macedonia National team for men's and women's basketball team, D'Albero has been a busy individual coaching Lady Steam, Titans, and improving upon his skill-set to Gordon Tech High School.

D"Albero has traveled a long way to come to the United States for a chance to showcase his coaching skills, but he is loving every moment here.

"I am proud to be coaching here in Chicago and to follow how American basketball is played.  In the months I have been here, I have had the luxury and the great opportunity to work with many different teams of Chicago.  This helped improve my coaching experience to understand the complexity of coaching a new level of talents."

D'Albero's biggest transition coming to the United States was not the hassles which come with traveling, but  it was the difference between European and American basketball.

"I have to have an open mind to the way how basketball is played here as oppose to in Europe.  It may be played in a similar fashion, but there are many new challenges which come to coaching in the U.S.  I see many different style's to approach the game and how to get my players attention.  The main difference is the rules are so different.  I take classes on that," laughed D'Albero.

Despite the minor challenges D'Albero has encountered, he enjoyed his experience of learning on how to improve his skills by working great Gordon Tech High School heda basketball coach, Tom Kleischmidt.

"We both have very similar coaching styles and it has been absolutely wonderful to have the chance to work alongside of him.  With his skill-set, it is an absolute plus for me to speak to him on how to improve my coaching abilities."

When D'Albero is not developing new plays for his players or asking Kleischmidt questions about certain aspects of the game, he constantly attends local Chicago college and Chicago Bulls games, where he indicates it gives him another viewpoint of how the game is played.

"As I watch college or NBA basketball, I can study the many different ways they play the game, " said D'Albero, " The first thing I notice is that in Europe, we use much more tactics and the play is more focused on find the best solution possible. Here, I see players are more athletic, and their quick solution is to shoot the ball instantly."

The coaching road for D'Albero is marked with endless opportunities as he is not worried about his future plans, but what the next day brings for me as he spends his time in the Windy City.

"I am not too concerned what my next steps will be in my career.  However, this experience in Chicago has enlarged and it has improved my experience in life and in basketball."
Ryan Neiman